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Election 2019 of Fourth Member of the Board

The Franklin Regional Retirement System concluded a regular election on December 10, 2019, that resulted in the election of Gabriele H. Voelker to the position of Fourth Member on the board for a three-year term beginning on January 1, 2020 and ending December 31, 2022. Ms. Voelker is the Treasurer for the towns of New Salem, Shutesbury, Orange, and the Ralph C. Mahar Regional School District. This will be her second term.

The election was conducted by mail and saw 24% participation by the eligible members of the system. Of the 2,256 ballots mailed, 553 were returned and counted. The other candidate was Herbert Sanderson, Jr., retired Treasurer Collector, Town of Sunderland, and former Advisory Council Board Member (2nd Member). The results were:

Herbert Sanderson, Jr. – 233
Gabriele H. Voelker – 320

Dale Kowacki, Election Officer

Election Timeline 2019

Notice of Election

Nomination Packet – all forms

Herbert Sanderson’s candidate statement – election 2019

Gabriele Voelker’s candidate statement – election 2019

Click here for further reading about the responsibilities of board members:  Board Members

Please note:  We provide limited information about the candidates on the Election 2019 webpage once their candidacy is certified.  Candidates are responsible for promoting their candidacy.  For the cost of handling and processing we will however address-label and mail their prepared and postage paid messages to the entire electorate.

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