Search for mid cap value and mid cap growth investment managers to begin in December 2018.

The Board of the Franklin Regional Retirement System has voted to begin a search for a mid cap manager that tilts towards growth, as a complement to its existing allocation to mid cap core/value. To position to take advantage of favorable pairing, the existing mid cap core/value allocation managed currently by Seizert Capital Partners will also be re-bid. The Board is pleased with Seizert’s performance and hopes they will respond to the RFP. To accommodate the effort of two RFPS in one year, the Board is seeking to extend its contract with its small cap manager, Systematic Financial Management, for two more years (from 5 to 7). The position with Systematic was scheduled for this time for re-bid.

The existing core/value mid cap allocation has a target of 5%, and both mid cap allocations will have a target of 5% of FRRS’s total allocation at the conclusion of the search. To accommodate the additional 5% within the overall allocation, FRRS will reduce its overall target allocation to fixed income by 5%.

Dahab Associates will handle the search.  It will start in December 2018, then Dahab will report to the Board at the end of February, and if warranted, the Board will interview managers in April 2019. The RFP announcements will be listed on both the Dahab website, and the PERAC website – on their respective “searches” pages.

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