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Member Services/Accountant position

This is a great place to work – interesting and challenging, and we all work well together – which makes the days, weeks, months, and years fly by. And if that’s not enough, the overwhelming reason you want this job – is the retirement plan!

Our employees are Group 1 members of the Massachusetts government retirement systems – a much sought after benefit*. It is not a savings plan. It is better. It is a “defined benefit” plan, where you build up a lifetime retirement benefit as you work. For example, if you start working here at age 23, and work the typical 40 years, and retire at age 63, you will get an annual benefit for the rest of your life equal to 80% of your 5-year average salary (based on your five highest consecutive years’ earnings).  If your five-year average salary is $100,000, you will get a starting annual retirement benefit of $80,000! And that is just the beginning of the list of great benefits:

  • Lifetime retirement benefits. (40 years worked at age 63 earns 80% of 5-year salary average)! See the chart for more insight: https://frrsma.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/03/Retirement-Percentage-Chart-Post-2012-1.pdf
    • Option to also participate in 457(b) deferred compensation savings plan!
  • Plenty of paid time off:
    • Thirteen and a half holidays
    • Up to four weeks vacation per year
      • Prior time with a local, regional or state agency counts in calculation
    • Fifteen sick days per year that can be carried forward each year
    • Three personal days per year (given at beginning of calendar year)
  • Annual pay raises:
    • Cost of Living Increase based on CPI on January 1st of each year
    • Merit increase on January 1st of each year
  • Work schedule is 8:30 to 4:30 daily with half hour lunch (37.5 hour week)
    • Also offer optional 8:00 to 4:30 with a shortened Friday (TGIF!)
  • Lots of insurances available:
    • Health and Life Insurance of which 75% is paid by FRRS
      • Retired staff get the same benefit (75/25%)
    • Dental, Vision, Cancer
    • Additional Life Insurance coverage
    • Long-term and Short-term disability insurance
  • Education Reimbursement
    • 100% of the tuition and fees for completed classes/course work in an accredited college or university

Now, you have to know this is hard and monotonous work. You will spend many hours in your windowless room independently working. And if you are any good at it, you will leave each day exhausted and proud . . . but you will be appreciated by many. And remember, the benefits here are great – especially the retirement plan!

*We hear from many people how much they appreciate this lifetime benefit and how it has made their retirement life better. They say, looking back, they really liked their job and they say it was all worth it.

Here is our timeline for hiring.

  • Applications due anytime
  • Interviews take place as soon as they can be scheduled.
  • Immediately after initial interviews, there will be either a decision to hire, or we might conduct a second round of interviews
  • Person starts as early as can be arranged.

Here is the job posting:

This full-time position requires excellent organization and communication skills, and consistent accuracy.  The successful candidate will be comfortable with all office equipment, have good computer skills, and be able to focus on individual projects as well as be a member of the team. Associates degree in office management, accounting, business or public administration with five years of experience, or any equivalent combination of education and experience, preferred. Knowledge of M.G.L. Chapter 32 is desirable. Pay grade starts at $54,171. Deadline for application is until a suitable candidate is selected. Download a copy of the job description at: FRRSMA.com (or call 413-774-4837).  Email resume to: PaulMokrzecki.frrsma@gmail.com. This office maintains a high level of COVID and flu spread prevention. We also are an AA/EOE employer.


Here are other materials:

Tour our office: https://youtu.be/Tour Office

JOB DESCRIPTION – MemberServicesAccountant

Personnel Policy

Click here for Employment Forms for the Successful Hire

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