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Working after Retirement

After you retire you can work as many hours and earn as much as you want in private industry, the same for any government agency outside of Massachusetts.
As of January 1, 2023 the limitations on post-retirement earnings are back in effect after the waiver during the pandemic: https://www.mass.gov/memorandum/perac-memo-01-reintroduction-of-earning-and-hour-limitations
However, if you are receiving a retirement benefit from a government retirement system in Massachusetts you are limited in the amount you can earn from post retirement employment with any government agency in Massachusetts and it is your responsibility to inform your employer to what extent you are limited.
Reporting to FRRS is not required until and unless there are over-earnings that are to be recovered via the return of retirement benefits. Please use the Post Retirement Earnings Worksheet to report to the employer – available below:
Post Retirement Earnings Worksheet for the upcoming calendar year 2023
FRRS Guidelines on post retirement earnings for regular retirees
PERAC FAQs on Post Retirement Earnings
You can start working again in any government agency in Massachusetts the very next day after your official retirement date, within the earnings limitations, as long as you submit your application for retirement and the employer from which you are retiring notifies this office that you have retired. Retirement contributions will not be deducted from wages for the new position as long as the retirement process proceeds to a timely conclusion. Otherwise deductions will begin for the new position, retroactive deductions will be collected to the start date of the new position, and your membership will continue as per the “Once-a-member, always-a-member” rules.

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