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Click to make a payment via Unipay
Click to upload reports to Share File
What Payment options for Unit employers (treasurers) to FRRS
Unipay Instructions for Unit employers deductions and assessments
Making “other” payments to FRRS via Unipay
New Member Enrollment Application (NMA)
Naming Customs (last versus first) From Around the World
Position Information Form (PIF)
Position Information Form (rPIF) (reinstated member)
Position Information Form (PIF) revised 20240410 fillable
Forms page for NOS
Status Change Form (SCF)
Application For Withdrawal – Treasurer page only
Version Notes for Forms
In case you need them:
Social Security sign-off form ssa-1945
Beneficiary Form (If Member dies Before Retirement)
Info: 2% over $30,000:
FRRS instructions on Two Percent Deductions
PERAC (State) Memo on 2%
Treasurers are also members of the Advisory Council.  Click here for more information: Council
Other info: 
Basic Membership and Retirement Criteria
No Social Security Deductions from Retirees Returning to Work After Retirement
No Social Security from additional positions
Regular Compensation Regulations
Elected Officials notification of membership option
Election Workers
Police Holiday Pay is Pensionable
Information on Retiree Health Insurance Premiums
Click here to estimate a retirement
Electronic Deposits to FRRS? – Call us for instructions 
26 Pays versus 261 days 
Retirees’ COLA
Deduction reports
How to produce the FRRS (pdf) Payroll Register for Retirement Auditors
How to produce the FRRS deductions and payroll Excel spreadsheet

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