Mid cap managers selected for both value, and growth.

Congratulations and welcome to Fiera Capital, and Chartwell Investment Partners. The Franklin Regional Retirement Board met on Monday April 1, 2019 and interviewed the two managers to provide management of its mid cap growth, and mid cap value allocations. As a result, the Board voted to hire Fiera Capital, and Chartwell Investment Partners to fill each of those roles respectively.

The existing core/value mid cap allocation has a target of 5%, and both the new mid cap allocations will have a target of 5% of FRRS’s total allocation. To accommodate the additional 5% within the overall allocation, FRRS will reduce its overall target allocation to fixed income by 5%.

The existing mid cap core allocation is managed currently by Seizert Capital Partners. The Board has been pleased with Seizert’s performance and thanks them for their good stewardship.

Dahab Associates managed the search.

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