Member Units can bid on our Surplus Computer Equipment

We recently replaced our computers and now are offering the older ones to our member units (towns, schools, and agencies) on a “highest bidder” basis.  These are still fine computers that will perform well in a less connected environment – much of our work is done over the internet so we needed to upgrade to Windows 7 for better security – and could serve in a less demanding capacity for many years.

I chose to do it by “highest bidder” instead of “first come” so that people who get the notice later aren’t left out.  I don’t expect the bids to be very high, but I do expect plenty of interest, so feel free to put a bid in right away and then check back nearer the deadline to see if you need to up your bid.  Again, this equipment is not for personal use.

Click here to see the list of equipment and the instructions for bidding: Computers Auction March 2011, and to check the latest bids.

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